Making 500gr Subsonic 458 Socom Ammo (PT4:Shooting)

Full Lead Taco
Published on 13 Apr 2018 / In General

4th video in a 4 part video series of making 500 gr subsonic .458 Socom ammo. This is Part 4: Shooting the Ammo

Part 1: Casting the Bullets
Part 2: Powder Coating & Sizing the Bullets
Part 3: Loading the Ammo
Part 4: Shooting the Ammo

Equipment Used:

-10.5" barreled .458 Socom legal SBR
-Silencerco Hybrid suppressor (silencer)
-Caldwell front shooting bag
-Rice filled canvas shooting bags made from old jeans
-AR500 Steel plates
-NOE HTC459-500-SP bullet mold
-imr4198 powder
-a5744 powder


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