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Military Ballistics Industries, also known as MBI, has made a relatively recent entry into the world of ammunition manufacturing. They have a good reputation for their high-quality new and re-manufactured ammunition, and their product line today includes ammunition for all of the most popular calibers on the market – including 9mm, 40 S&W and the recently added .223.

They're also known for the low-cost approach they take in packaging their products, but don't be fooled by the plastic bags. The cartridges inside are built with high-quality components. They fill the casings with Hodgdon powder, cap them with Hornady bullets and plug the base with CCI primers, not to mention other high-quality and well-known ammunition components.

Some shooters feel that re-manufactured ammunition is a product of lesser quality. This can be the case when poorly re-manufactured, but MBI re-manufactured ammo is assembled with care and quality parts. The brass case is the only reused component in re-manufactured ammo, as the case is usually the component of ammunition that is the most expensive and it doubles as easy to recycle. Keep in mind that re-manufacturing is essentially industrial scale reloading, so it is relevant to consider the claim of some reloaders that they can reuse a case three, four or even 10 times, if the amount of pressure generated by the cartridge is low enough.

Attention to detail and product consistency are what really set apart a good re-manufacturer of ammunition. MBI manufactures their ammunition to exacting standards, delivering a high-quality product for training and practice.

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