GunFreedomRadio 09 Sep 2022

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GunFreedomRadio EP389 Protecting Individual Liberties with Michael Gibbs

In General

Our guest today is Michael Gibbs. Michael is the President of AzCDL and a registered lobbyist for the organization, as well as the Arizona Director of the Tenth Amendment Center.
Michael Gibbs is a Systems Engineer in the aerospace industry, a patented inventor, instrument-rated pilot, published author of numerous technical and political publications, rescue diver, and a highly involved advocate for our rights and freedoms.
1) What is your political background?

2) Tell us about your relationship with Dave Kopp

3) What AzCDL accomplishments are you most proud of?

4) The AzCDL annual meeting is coming up, can you tell us about that?

5) What does the future hold for AzCDL?

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