MidnightRangeTM 23 Oct 2017

MidnightRangeTM Live #6 THE CLOSER! “ Lots to talk about” food , gun & zombie chat!

In General

Walking dead spoiler
Frankie got da ol’ ban hammer boot x2
How to peel ginger
Louder with crowder vs Christopher Titus holy crap
Langley firearms academy and his explosive carp


WWW.GUNCHANNELS.COM practice chats

You are now “double T”
Pork ribs
Eat more chikn’!
Vac seal / sous vide / urban MRE
“Poached salmon”
.44 ruger redhawk
“Hellish hot” chilis
Jon z’s band the red hot chili poppers
Buffalo Wild Wings is not gun friendly
Mmmmm wings crab shacks & surimi?
“The gizzard master”
When it’s bad it’s still pretty good.......pizza & ......
Gumbo & a dark doux
My favorite steak, a wagyu ny strip

T-bones vs porter houses vs filets vs nys vs k.C. Strips
# neverenufffingers
Chickpea, spinach chicken soup
“ reload it cuz ya can”!

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