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The Daily Shooter 24 Jul 2017

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Mini 22LR Revolver Ballistics Gel Test

In General

This ballistics gel test focuses more on the gun than the ammo. The idea is to see how much penetration we can get using the NAA 22LR Micro Revolver with 1.25" barrel. Results Below
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Winchester Super X 40gr FMJ RN Copper Jacket
14" total penetration, Permanent wound cavity .4" at 5" deep
Aguila 40gr RN FMJ Standard Velocity
10.5" Total Penetration. Bullet curved and exited block
Federal Auto Match 40gr RN, No Jacket led bullet
Complete Pass Through of 16" gel block. Wound cavity .33" at 5" of depth

This video is intended for educational purposes only. It demonstrates the power of a small cartridge. To prove safety is always essential

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