Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 24 Jun 2018

Mossberg 500AB Series, Assembly and Disassembly

In General

Hey there folks! A friend of mine was having some trouble working on his Mossberg 500 and reached out to me for some assistance. After helping him out I realized I didn't have a video on the simple assembly and disassembly of my shotgun. So here it is for further reference. Thanks for watching and I hope this helps someone out there.

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cyborg883 7 months ago

Nice video very thorough, thanks

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ArchersFriend 7 months ago

Nice. Really simple once seen.

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appli3d 1 year ago

Hey, just what I needed. I've had my 590 for two years and have put disassembly off because of the intricacies of the design. Thank you for sharing!

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Caleb Downing
Caleb Downing 1 year ago

Great! I'm glad this was helpful for you!

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