Hickok45 12 Nov 2017

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Mossberg Shockwave vs Remington Tac-14

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Comparing and shooting the Shockwave and the Tac-14 "firearms."
By the way, folks, even though I find these things fun and possibly even "useful," I don't really mean to be an advocate for them. They are just pretty cool little firearms and fun to shoot. Serious shooters seem to be split on whether they are just "gimmicks," or whether they are possibly viable options as defensive firearms. You just need to try them out for yourself if you ever get a chance, and then decide for yourself. If you compare them with a full-size shouldered shotgun, OF COURSE, the full-length shotgun will be easier to shoot well. Duh. Anybody knows that, just as a shouldered rifle is easier to shoot well than a handgun.
Always use your best judgement when choosing any sort of firearm and know your purpose for it. As my old buddy Dirty Harry likes to say, "Everybody's got to know his limitations." :-)

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