PewPewPark 09 Dec 2018

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MRE Review #1: US MRE Menu 7 Beef Brisket

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Recieved some MREs so I thought I'd try my hand at reviewing a MRE. It came out a little better than I feared, but I'm not professional. We'll see if I continue reviewing MREs.
See a professional(Steven1989MREInfo) review an MRE:

MRE nutritional values available here:


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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 5 years ago

Don’t eat to many of them things. Last one I had was about 16 years ago. If I remember correctly if you eat everything thing they are about 6000 calories each. I do remember to save the the paper that come with them, you’ll need it all at a later date cause they stop you up something terrible. Lol.

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PewPewPark 5 years ago

I definetely dont plan to eat too many of them. I actually foudn this cool site that has nutrition value on MREs.

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