ActiveSelfProtection 23 May 2016

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Mugger Wants Valuables, Gets Shot Instead

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Would you have fought or just given up the jewelry? This "Best of ASP" video first was narrated on our website in November 2015. There are over 700 narrated defensive encounters on our Videos tab of our Facebook page...come see what you've missed!

I think this mugger got what he paid for, personally. Don't think for a moment that you don't need every bit of Active Self Protection you can muster in the moment that a mugger attacks you. This guy had it and it served him well.

Original video of the mugger getting his just desserts available here:

What do we learn here about fighting off a mugger?

1. There's a well-worn joke that ATM stands for "Accessory To Mugging," and it's not far from the truth. The ATM is of course a likely place to be attacked because it is a transitional space. A mugger or armed robber can easily ambush you if your attention is engrossed in the machine or your phone, and they are built to allow for easy access and escape. When you're at the ATM, be sure to be extra aware of what is going on around you. I even suggest standing with your back to the machine, or at least with your shoulders perpendicular to it so that you can constantly see what is happening around you!

Want to learn more? Our website has five more lessons from this incident:

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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