upnorthairgunner 08 Mar 2018

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Muzzle Brakes for Air Guns? AirForce Texan .45 Big Bore Airgun with Heritage Arms Muzzle Brake

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The AirForce Texan .45 Big Bore Airgun has some serious kick! Can a muzzle brake really reduce recoil in a big bore air rifle or are they just "tacti-cool" barrel bling? Lets find out! This was my attempt at an actual measured "scientific test" of the reduction in felt recoil with the use of a high quality muzzle brake on a big bore air rifle.

I am shooting a 350 grain HP at 3000 PSI in all of these shots with this Big Bore Airgun. You can definitely see the difference, but also take note in the grid square visual test in this video how without the break there is about 2 full grid squares of rear recoil and about 2 full grid square of muzzle rise.

With the Heritage Arms Turbine Muzzle Brake there is less than 1 grid square of rearward recoil and about a half of a grid square in muzzle rise. These do really work with big bore air guns! Check them out here: https://heritage-arms.com/prod....uct/victory-turbine-

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