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American Gun Chic 31 Dec 2018

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My 1st Time shooting 3d Archery ~ Samick Sage ReCurve Bow Review

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I bought my first recurve bow. I bought a 25lb Samick Sage ReCurve bow so I could do some 3d Archery at Green Acres in Jacksonville, FL. Getting in to traditional archery with a Samick Sage ReCurve Bow has been quite an adventure since shooting my crossbow video

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Beachin Tactical Custom Rifle Speed Slings:

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Racing_Psychosis 1 year ago

You may want to checkout Deathwish Longbows for something different. The lady building those bows is one of maybe a handful of female custom bow builders in the world.

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Doublefeed 1 year ago

Missed this video! Seen most of your other videos. You're doing great with that bow!

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American Gun Chic
American Gun Chic 1 year ago

Its new!

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