Shwell11 29 Apr 2018

My first Order from RMR Bullets

In General

RMR is a great company, and i plan to use them exclusively for my Bullets and more when needed. When you find a company like this, you have to support it in order to keep satisfaction flowing. Ask Ebomey..

I am getting my Reloading operation together. WHile this stuff will be reloaded for me, I do have my own setup on the way. Very excited about this..

On avg I spend .34 per round on Factory 9mm.
NOT INCLUDING POWDER I will spend about .18 per round by reloading.

This morning I paid $119 at Gander for Blazer 115gr 9mm (350)... Buying Brass, Bullets, and Primers has me at $175 for 1000 pieces of each.. Once I add Power it should only go up a couple cents.

Tune in while I go through the process of setting up my Lee Press and making my first batch.

Huge Shout to Steve aka Making Master Class and Paul Malchow for the support in this.


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