Scott 06 Dec 2019

My Girlfriend won a SCCY CPX-3 .380 ACP - Unboxing and first shots 2019-10-01.mp4

In General

My Girlfriend won this SCCY CPX-3 .380 ACP during the Sunday Gunday.
She really loves everything about this pistol and the SCCY company as a whole as do I.
The day we filmed this it was after she got off from work drove for an hour did the paperwork and background check.
Then we drove some more to get to our indoor gun range we belong to.
Her usual accuracy was suffering a bit as she was tired and excited.
Normally she is very accurate, So take note this is not the fault of the gun.

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Awesome cpx3

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timmybmn 1 month ago

super cool!

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Gun Doctor
Gun Doctor 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing I like my cpx3

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Scott 1 month ago

Thank you for coming over

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HeavyMetalGuns 2 months ago


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Scott 1 month ago

Thank you for stopping by

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