Jesse B Outdoors
Jesse B Outdoors 22 Mar 2019

My journey to reloading 3/18/19

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 9 months ago

Good info. You don’t need to be very picky on straight wall brass. It is not rocket science at all. Shouldered brass like 223/556, 308, 30:06 is a different ball game. A single stage press will work fine for everything. I used one for years for everything. I still use for rifle brass. I have a single stage RCBS press for rifle brass. In fact the Lee press you have I use strictly for priming rifle brass. For pistol or any straight wall brass I went to a Lee 4 hole turret press. works much faster. n o matter what people tell you “You need a mechanical balance scale to check your loads”. I check every 10th charge to make sure the charge with the turret press throws correct. I do not have a newer digital scale, have thought about buying but have not needed to to this point. Not saying I’m an expert but I have been reloading for 20 plus’s years. Good luck and good plinking.

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Jesse B Outdoors
Jesse B Outdoors 9 months ago

Thanks for the info!

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