GunFreedomRadio 15 Jul 2022

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GunFreedomRadio EP384 Taking the Lead with Kari Lake

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Our guest today is Kari Lake. Kari is the Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Governor of Arizona.

She walked away from her career as the most highly-respected and most-watched Anchor in Arizona to protest the fake, corporate media.

Kari is committed to returning Arizona back to traditional American Values, embracing our Western Heritage, and creating a strong, safe, and prosperous place to raise a family.

Her brand of common sense conservatism is committed to lowering taxes, securing our border, medical freedom, election integrity, and preserving individual liberties.

1) We are only a couple of weeks away from Primary Election day here in AZ, and the field has narrowed in just the past few days. You have never not had the lead in the polls. How are things looking as we come into August?

2) You come from the world of Corporate Media, and one of your biggest adversaries during your campaign has been members of the Media. What accounts for this contentious attitude they seem to have for you?

3) This past legislative session saw a Bill that focused on how the Banking Industry openly discriminates against firearms related businesses. What can voters expect from a Lake Governorship as far as issues such as Firearms Industry Protections?

4) We are personally involved in bringing better security to our Arizona Schools with a program called FASTERSavesLives. (Faculty, Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response). Whether FASTER or some other program what would you do, as Governor, to help secure our schools and protect our children?

5) What was the driving factor that caused you to toss your hat in the ring? And what makes you uniquely qualified to be one of our nation’s 50 Governors?

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