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Ghost Tactical 18 Apr 2018

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NeverEnuffAmmo Gets 2nd Stirke & Dick's Sporting Goods DESTROYING Unsold "Assault Weap

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NeverEnuffAmmo Gets 2nd Stirke & Dick's Sporting Goods DESTROYING Unsold "Assault Weapons"

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Ghost Tactical Productions
Credit: Trey Miller
Contact: [email protected]

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toodeean 3 years ago

i heard a bunch of complaining here. Don't disagree with you on any of your points. But do something about it. Stop bitching and get off your ass and do something about it. Stop whining.

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manualsurvival 4 years ago

Pro gun, gun owner? leftist think they are immune to their own stupidity. lip service

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Mcklaipm 5 years ago

When they came out with this. I deleted their app. Unsubscribed to their email. They did stop sending me advertisements in the mail, but who cares never have been in their store again. I am waiting for them to go out of business. But stack owns over half of the stock so his board of directors cannot fire this idiot. The sales continue to drop and he goes even further against guns. He did take the financial hit to get close to his gun hating friends. Stack is a liar. Boycott Dicks.

   1    0
Xv1100 5 years ago

That receipt posting /tagging is genius

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mleugene301 5 years ago

Big box stores halting the sales of firearms is not a bad thing. The death of Wal-Mart's firearms sales has meant that a small gun dealer now has a chance in my little corner of Kansas to make a living selling what people want to buy. There can be no harm in Dick's deciding not to sell what people want to buy.

   2    0
cyborg883 5 years ago

I used to shop there but once I heard their crap I gave up on Dicks Sporting Goods. When I unsubscribed from their email they had their "why are you unsubscribing" comment box, I put in "Once Dicks decides to stand behind the constitution my wallet will stand behind Dicks Sporting Goods" Don't know if it will do any good but if enough say something like that maybe we will get some traction.

   3    0
Canuck 5 years ago

Yep, no different than those that continue to use Google/Youtube products, Fakebook. Instagram, Twatter, et al .. funding the ENEMY is plain STUPID.

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