Hickok45 18 Oct 2017

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John and I are long overdue on doing a "family" Vlog. Sorry we could not shut up a bit sooner, but you know how we are! :-) Yes, we're having a little fun, but I hope a few folks take something away from our ramblings, especially about the division among firearms owners.
Feel free to share other proposals that you think are particularly undesirable.
A few of the most serious bills being proposed are listed below:
HR 3999 "“ Bans parts that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic firearm
HR. 4052- to prohibit transfer/possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices
HR 3962 "“ Bans online sales of ammunition
HR 3984 "“ Repeals the Lawful Protection in Commerce law that would allow lawsuits against FFL's and manufacturers
Here's a link from reddit that somebody shared:


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