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Gould Brothers 23 Apr 2021

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New Channels, New Trick Shots | Gould Brothers

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We announced our New Channels last week and now it's time for some New Trick Shots, Gould Brothers style!

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Target Focused Life (Steve) http://bit.ly/TargetFocusedLifeYT
The Common Patriot (Aaron) http://bit.ly/TheCommonPatriotYT

Don't worry, our Gould Brothers youtube channel isn't going anywhere. Our Gould Brothers channel will still feature one-of-a-kind trick shots, brother battles, and the Gould Brothers videos you have come to love. So why thew new channels?

We love to hunt, shoot, and live life outdoors and we want to share our passions, creating awesome content that also is practical and helpful in addition to being entertaining.

The Common Patriot - Aaron is The Common Patriot that is for the everyday patriots that have a passion for rifles, pistols, gear, personal defense, and freedom. http://bit.ly/TheCommonPatriotYT

Target Focused Life - This channel is all about living the Target Focused Life. Steve shares his passions for all things shotguns, upland, waterfowl, hunting dogs, and more. The aim is to educate through reviews and how-to's, entertain with fun videos and adventures, and most importantly inspire people to live Target Focused. Whether our targets in the field or our targets in life, we will only hit what we are focused on #targetfocusedlife. http://bit.ly/TargetFocusedLifeYT

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