VarminterMagazine 08 Feb 2018

New Integral Suppressed Model 455 Barrels and New Suppressors from CZ USA

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Are you excited yet? With all the new products for varmint hunters being announced recently, particularly in rimfires, it was exciting to see the new integral suppressed model 455 barrels and new suppressors from CZ USA in person at the 2018 SHOT Show! Editor's Note: Check out the MSRPs on these new products! It is a game changer!

CZ USA announced the new integral suppressed barrels for their Model 455 rimfire rifle line. The new barrels will be available in 2 barrel lengths, chambered for either the .22 long rifle, or the .17HMR. Watch the video for more information, or click the link below to read the full specs on both the integrally suppressed Model 455 barrels and their new CZ Suppressors.

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Videographer - Tom Bertone

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