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NEW YouTube Firearms Monetization Policies for 2019

In General

Monetization is here! YouTube has finally clarified its stance on firearms related content. The community guidelines are now more clear and include examples of what is and isn't allowed. Advertiser Friendly Content Guidelines have also been updated with a self-rate feature to include a "Firearms" section. Unfortunately, some bias may still exist depending on who is manually reviewing your demonetized (yellow) request. At 5:00 you will also notice that they will now issue a "warning" prior to you receiving your first strike, then it's 3 strikes you're out. Jump to 6:41 for the biggest change regarding firearms content monetization!
1) Try to keep your channel either green with monetization or gray for no monetization. Yellow demonetization shows the algorithm that you are not trustworthy in deciding whether to monetize.
2) Appeal your videos outside of California business hours
3) Do not attempt to monetize videos that may violate their policies. This may start a bad "relationship" between your channel and the YouTube algorithm.
4) Choose wisely which videos you want to appeal and which you would rather just take a loss on. Remember that you are triggering a moderator to come in and investigate your channel. At the same time, your bravery is appreciated because it teaches the algorithm that it made a mistake in demonetizing your video (leading to improvement for all).
5) Keep in mind that YouTube employees may impose their discretion and bias, so not all rulings will be executed fairly or consistently with their rules. Hopefully this continues to improve with better training.

This shows progress from YouTube and I'm optimistic that their new policies will be more accurately enforced. Recent demonetization may stem from a greater sense of caution for firearms content and them wanting more of our videos manually reviewed. This does NOT imply that they will stay demonetized once reviewed.

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New YouTube Strike Policy starting Feb 25, 2019

Monetization Explained by Youtube Employees (no firearms mentioned):

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