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Squatch Reloading 09 Jul 2024

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Nilight Whips and Rock Lights | 2024 Kawasaki KRX Trail Edition gets some new lighting

In General

Our friends at nilight set us a set of 3ft RGB whips and 8 rock lights for our KRX 1000. Super great value and build quality. You can purchase them below:

Nilight 2PCS Whip Light +8Pcs Rock Lights https://amzn.to/3KOO9lb
Nilight Whip lights https://bit.ly/3XuFg7T

Gear List

Sena Stryker https://www.sena.com/us-en/product/stryker
Spider ST1: https://www.sena.com/us-en/product/spider-st1
Sena MeshPort Red: https://senaindustrial.com/products/meshport-red

Public Land Riders: https://publiclandriders.com/?....sca_ref=5331484.Pk5B
Multi Cam Handler Bar Bag: https://publiclandriders.com/p....roducts/medium-bar-b

Slacker Suspension Tuner: https://motool.co/discount/Squatch

Nelson Rigg: Luggage and rain gear https://www.nelsonrigg.com/ enter promo code squatch = 25% Off and FREE Shipping on orders over $50 

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