SAR1076 25 Jun 2019

No Stupid People: Do NOT shoot the thief who is running away! EVER!

In General

This video discusses the stupidity of some people when it comes to self defense and the law. Short and sweet - I saw a poll presenting a situtation that said...

"Is it a right to defend your property with lethal force? Example would be, someone just robbed you at gun point, the robber steals your backpack which contains your life savings. He is now running away and you have your sights on him. Should you be able to shoot him to retrieve your property?"

At the time of poll, which I answered no, 43+ people voted yes.

This video is my response that will hopefully open some eyes to the reality of US laws, what happens after such a situation (prison) and after. My advise is don't be stupid and end up in prison for using lethal force against someone who robbed you... because they are no longer presenting themselves lethal force against you.

Tough love but someone has to do it.

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