NicTaylor00 28 Mar 2019

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NRA Commemorative BumpStock Destruction

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First lets thank the Trump administration and NRA for supporting this ban on these evil bumpstocks with no Grandfather clause. I suspect there was no Grandfather clause like there was back with the machinegun ban, because most all of the NRA board members owned machine guns at that time. In other words it does not affect them, so who cares, the NRA gets to keep all that member money collected and continue to live high on the hog.

As March 26th 2019 rolls around many folks may decide NOT to turn in their legally purchased bump stocks. The powers in my house (the wife) are much stronger and they forbade me from becoming a felon over night with this ban on bump stocks. Now some may call me a "boot licker" or that I am just doing this as virtue signaling. Regardless of how you view my decision to destroy my bumpstock, rather and keep it and "stick it to the man". I'd rather not risk loosing everything with a felony conviction.

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Omerta 5 years ago


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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 5 years ago

I don’t blame you at all, as well as it is your property to do as you want to with it. You should have put some Trump stickers on it as well. Well done, well said and good on you for having the guts to make a Video of it. If viewers don’t like it, they don’t have to watch.

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the_AR15_Junkie 5 years ago

AWESOME, ..................FtNRA!

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