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Off Duty Officer Protects Daughter From Armed Robbers

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Are your kids part of your defensive planning? We see very regularly that if you practice Active Self Protection, you need to be conscious of how your children play into your defensive planning. This off duty cop certainly did a good job protecting his daughter from armed robbers!

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How do I protect my family from armed robbers?

1. Situational awareness and threat assessment are your first and most important priorities. Even with your kids around, you need to know what's going on around you! It's easy to get engrossed in managing your kids and interacting with them, but keeping that clock in your head that tells you to look around and see what's going on in your world is an important step in facing the confrontation that comes when it's your choice rather than when you are overrun by it.

2. Teach your children what to do if you have to protect them. I recommend teaching young kids to get away from you, get down, and hide however they can if you ever have to draw your firearm. If they see your gun or any gun, get away, get down, and hide. Simple! That way you can focus on dealing with the threat.

3. This officer showed good decision-making in who to shoot and who not to shoot. The first armed robber was the "grab man," and when the officer drew his firearm the man submitted and surrendered. There was no reason to shoot him, so the officer didn't shoot. The second armed robber was the "gun man," and when he didn't respond to the order he was given, the officer was in immediate danger and didn't hesitate to protect himself. Excellent work! Knowing when to shoot and when not to shoot is one of the most important skills that most self-defenders ignore.

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

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