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Olight 40% off Flash Sale Warrior Mini & More Sept 24 25th

In General

Flash sale date: 8:00pm September 24th -11:59pm September 25th EDT,
Flash Sale Link:
(Affiliate link)

1, Warrior Mini Black or Desert Tan, 30% off (MAP: $79.95; Sales price:$55.97)

Bundle: Warrior Mini Black or Desert Tan+ i3T EOS(RED), 40% off (MAP: $101.90; Sale price:$61.14)

Warrior Mini Camouflage (Limited Edition), 30% off (MAP: $89.95; Sale price:$62.97)

Bundle: Warrior Mini Camouflage+ i3T EOS RED, 40% off (MAP: $111.90; Sale price:$67.14);

2. Perun Mini KIT Desert Tan(Limited Edition), 30% off (MAP: $69.95; Sale price:$48.97)

Bundle: Perun Mini KIT(Desert Tan)+ i3T EOS(RED), 40% off (MAP: $91.90; Sale price:$55.14);

3. RN 1500, 30% off (MAP: $79.95; Sale price:$55.97)

SEEMEE 30, 25% off (MAP: $16.95; Sale price:$12.71)

Bundle: RN 1500+ SEEMEE 30, 40% off (MAP: $96.90; Sale price:$58.14);

4. i3T EOS(RED), 25% off (MAP: $21.95; Sale price:$16.46)

5. MEGA PACK, 40% off

Mega Pack A: Warrior mini Black+ Warrior mini Desert Tan+ Warrior mini Camouflage + Perun Mini KIT DT + i3T EOS RED, (MAP: $341.75; Sales price:$205.05)

Mega Pack B: Warrior mini Black+ Perun Mini KIT DT+ i3T EOS RED, (MAP: $171.85; Sale price:$103.11)

6. Free Tiers:

Over $99 get a FREE I3E (MAP: $9.95)

Over $199 get a FREE M1T Plus DT (MAP: $59.95)

Over $299 get a FREE Seeker 2 (MAP: $109.95)

Note: If you buy a Mega Pack A, you are qualified to get a FREE M1T Plus Desert Tan. If you buy a Mega Pack B, you are qualified to get a FREE I3E. Free tier gift can't be stacked.

Flash Sale Link:
(Affiliate link)

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