NicTaylor00 02 Aug 2021

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OMNI Hybrid Polymer Lower Hammer / Trigger Pins

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After breaking 2 of my ATI plastic lowers over the past few years... Neither one had very many rounds through them. ATI did warranty the broken lowers. The second lower took over a year for them to replace due to the COVID panic buying and political climate. By the time it arrived I was unsure how the hammer and trigger pins are installed since the lower is much wider than the original one I broke. Plus standard hammer and trigger pins do not fit all the way through the lower. After may weeks of email exchanges with ATI, it finally became clear that the solution for this was to install short set screws into each hammer and trigger pin hole on the sides of the lower. The screws self tap into the plastic lower and basically keep the pins from sliding out the side of the lower. This long email exchange with ATI could have been avoided if there was some kind of information about this on their website.

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