Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus 04 Oct 2016

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Omnivore Holster from Blackhawk! Overview, Locking Block Installation

In General

Rob Pincus shows the new Omnivore Holster from Blackhawk. This is a level 2 retention holster that locks onto a Weapon Mounted Light or a locking block that is easily attached to the accessory rail of a modern defensive handgun. The retention release is a new thumb button, as opposed to Blackhawk's well established SERPA design. Intended as a versatile range holster or as a "duty belt" type holster, the Omnivore allows an instructor or public range to have one set of holsters that will accommodate many clients' guns without adjustment or a police agency to issue one type of holster and WML for a variety of pistols. An agency could also conceivably change guns in the future without having to purchase new holsters for every officer. The holster is demonstrated with a Springfield XD Mod 2 5" Tactical and a model of the new Avidity Arms PD10, but will work with over 150 different handguns.

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