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Ghost Tactical 05 Dec 2018

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Operation Training Day: A Year-Long Odyssey in Training

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Operation Training Day: A Year-Long Odyssey in Training

Operation Training Day has commenced. Over the next year, Ghost Tactical and M-W Tactical will be looking to train with the BEST! Let us know if you want your class to be included.

#GhostTactical #MWTactical #OperationTrainingDay

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M-W Tactical:

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Credit: Trey Miller

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Krimsingoste 3 years ago

Bronie bag, Bronie bag! Great videos Ghost!

   1    0
turbo99miata 3 years ago

Shot Show + Hank + Broni pouch = Magical Guntuber

   1    0
REDRIDER 3 years ago

Hank with his BRONI at Shotshow!!!! Hank needs to shave his attemp at growing a beard!! HAHAHAHA

   1    0
kilowatt 3 years ago

Wear the broni bag Hank. On wmmf name is Rob Avis if i win

   1    0
cr1w 3 years ago

Hank wear the damn bag for us!

   1    0
Armament_and_Axes 3 years ago

you and Mike together! so look out !

   1    0
Alaskan Ballistics
Alaskan Ballistics 3 years ago

Make Hank Strange Wear the Bag

   1    0
Unloaded_Media 3 years ago

Don't forget your canteens, Ghost. Mike will have you carrying pickle buckets up and down stairs!

   1    0

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