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OpticsPlanet AR Pistol Build (Complete Upper)

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OpticsPlanet AR Pistol Build (Complete Upper)

This is a special project sponsored by OpticsPlanet. All of the parts utilized on this build, other than the lower, were provided for this video series.

Use code "Gadgets5" for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet order
FAB Defense Folding Grip:
SB Tactical SBA3 Stabilizing Brace:
Ergo Grip Magazine Well Grip:
CMC Triggers Single Stage Drop-In:
Hogue Trigger Guard:
GUNTEC USA Anti-Rotation Pin Set:
Timber Creek Outdoors QD End Plate:
Luth-AR Lower parts kit:
Luth-AR Castle Nut:
Luth-AR H2 buffer:
Luth-AR Buffer Spring:
Use code "Gadgets5" for 5% off your entire OpticsPlanet order

GUNTEC USA AR-15 Stripped Upper:
GUNTEC USA Lite Skeletonized M-Lok Handguard:
Radian Weapons BCG:
Radian Weapons Raptor Charging Handle:
Ballistic Advantage Performance Series Barrel:
Ballistic Advantage Gas Tube:
Luth-AR Upper Receiver Parts Kit:
Midwest Industries Blast Diverter:
FAB Defense Flip-up Sight Set:
Sig Sauer OPMOD Romeo5X Red Dot Sight:

Wheeler Nylon/Brass Hammer:
Wheeler Bolt Catch Tool Kit:
Takedown Pivot Pin Tool Set:
Tekton Double-Faced Soft Mallet:
Smart Bench Block:
Nylon Vise Jaws:
Home Vise:
AeroShell Grease:

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KentuckyJustice 1 year ago

Jared, my brother, bless your heart! A new scratch on a new build. ~I nearly cried for you!~ Next time, try the Kentucky Justice 101 method. 1) Take a piece of painter's tape (double layered if it makes you more comfortable). Punch a hole in it with your roll pin. With the pin still poking through the tape, set the roll pin on the receptacle hole. Press your tape down and remove your roll pin. Tape ANYWHERE/EVERYWHERE you think your hammer may "accidentally wonder". 2) insert your forward assist assembly, press it in and insert a slave pin in through the bottom. A small finishing nail, or anything that will hold the assemble in place is fine. 3) You now have two hands free for your roll pin installation. In the future, use a slave pin and the "tape thing" when you install your bolt catch too. On the gas block, I'm not Tactical Tool Box, but I first press/squeeze the pin through the block/tube connection with channel locks, then (about) two love taps with a punch to center it up. Place the block/tube assembly on the barrel, together. When you tighten the handguard, take any rail mount accessory that you have available (optic, sling mount, light mount etc.), and put it on your gun, with half on the receiver and half on your handguard, bridging that connection. It'll keep it lined up when you're tightening it. Then just remove the accessory. Now, get yourself some touch-up, so that gouge doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Reach out to me before you do your next build. I'll help you avoid ole Murphy.

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RCHanlin 1 year ago

Nice job showing this upper build but you missed a couple things about installing the barrel and barrel nut. First was to apply aeroshell to the threads of the barrel and second, it's always a good idea to "season" the threads by tightening and loosening the nut a few times before torquing it down for the final time.

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Guns & Gadgets
Guns & Gadgets 1 year ago

I did the seasoning...just saved the repetative nature for the viewers... Good point on the barrel threads!

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