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Rogue Banshee 03 Feb 2020

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P365 First Impressions

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Our P365 First Impressions video will walk you through our first impressions of the P365 and P365 XL. We will walk you through the features of the pistol and show you the first shots.

Some people think that the P365 is a cut-down version of the P320. However, that thinking is wrong. Although the P365 borrows the FCU and Grip module concepts of the P320, it is a unique pistol of its own.

Our P365 vs. P365XL - First shot impressions article goes a little more in-depth of our impressions on this pistol

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Video Index:
A closer look at the P365 - 0:27
Range testing the P365 XL - 3:49
Range testing the P365 - 4:00
Final impressions - 4:57
Extra content - 5:51

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Good first impression video. I was going to buy a P365 then once I held the XL that was all she wrote. Fits my hand far better. Awesome shooter.

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