BandEBrewReviews 02 May 2013

Palate Wrecker Hamilton's Ale

In General

4.5 on the E scale.
A very nice full Flavored beer from Green Flash Brewing Co.
deep, amber orange color. Light shines through in a beautiful way. Enjoying this one outside. Head about one finger thick that disappears quickly. Thin, lacy ring along the outside meniscus of the beer. Carbonation looks beautiful, as bubbles continuously rise to the top of the glass throughout enjoying this one.

So much going on with this one. Citrus, lemon, grapefruit, orange zest and sweat. The hops are definitely strong throughout, but are well balanced with the seemingly ten other things going on.

Malty and refreshing rolled into one hoppy Goliath of an IPA. Bitterness up front that mellows over time. Definitely picking up some piney, resiny characteristics as well. Lives up to its name.

Nice medium to light body that's very drinkable. Carbonation is wonderful and lingers for awhile.

Not for the average hop fan. The bitterness will definitely turn some people off. However, if DIPAs are your thing, you are in for an interesting and delicious ride.

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