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American Gun Chic 09 Jul 2019

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Paying it Forward!! (Part 1) Sportsman's Guide Tour 2019!!! Tour Stop #1 in Sebring Florida!

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Sportsman's Guide and JustHolsterIt has signed up to get new women proper training at the Spray and Pray range in Sebring FL. AGC and her crew has taken on the role to pay it forward by getting new women out on the range and training them to be safe and competent in any situation

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RobertM 1 year ago

I know all about it. I live here. The bank tellers were not armed or behind protective resistant glass. They were victims. The bank has been bulldozed and is no longer there. I agree wholeheartedly that today we are forced to carry to defend our lives as people have gotten morally worse and have forsaken Jehovah God. I wish I did not have to carry but I am being forced to by a wicked society devoid of morals. Its sad but that is the way it is. Thanks for sharing.

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