Shwell11 25 Nov 2018

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5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium

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High Desert Drew
High Desert Drew 4 years ago

What you might want to consider... doing dual-color lights for the inside. I swapped out most of my internal lights on my jeep for red LEDs, especially for giving your eyes a chance to adjust to the darkness outside when you gotta stop and open a farm gate on your way out, it's nice to not have the outside environment completely washed out by the internal lights. I'm probably going to do another upgrade soon, and put an RGB light set, this will allow me to decide if i want red, blue, green, white, or some other color. I don't want to run a fancy controller to make it work like a christmas tree, so I'm just going to hard-code it with switches. Congrats on the purchase, when you need to get towed out, don't hesitate to ask any jeep driver :)

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