RobertM 02 May 2019

Pistol Shooting the Bersa TPR9C and Taurus PT111 G2c

In General

Shooting. My intention for this video was just a shooting show for these two compact 9mm pistols rather than get into reliability and accuracy results however the video should at least show the reliability. I apologize for the lack of lighting and dark picture toward the end of the video as while I was filming bad weather began to move in and I lost a lot of light. I did cut down on the time of the video by shooting mostly five shot groups for each segment rather than a whole mag for each segment. I have over 600 rounds of various ammo in each of these pistols with no problems and they are certainly reliable. Their accuracy is very good. I usually practice with faster or more rapid fire on target and these pistols hold good bullet groups without slow firing for tighter groups. I can shoot tighter groups with slower shots but that is not the point with compact concealable pistols that are defensive in design. If I were to go back to my competition days of shooting matches then I would be using full size double action/single action or single action only hammer pistols capable of a greater degree of accuracy.

The reason I was double gripping/pumping with my left support hand on the two handed strong side was my pinky finger got mag bite (caught/pinched between the mag well and the mag as I slammed a mag in) earlier so I had a good little blood blister. However I saw on the one segment from a different day with the G2c where I was double pumping the support hand and I need to stop doing that. Going back and looking at video footage is useful as it shows me what I am doing wrong while shooting so I can make a note and correct it.

Please shoot safely and remember the four rules of gun safety.

1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded.
2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
4. Know your target and beyond.

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My brother have the same on nice shooting man

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RobertM 2 months ago

Thanks. They both have over 600 rounds through them and have been flawless.

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@RobertM: Wow awesome

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