ArmedAndFeminine 08 Jan 2019

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Pittsburgh Second Amendment Rally - January 7, 2019

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Firearms Information geared toward women

Honored to speak on behalf of 2A advocates. People came from California, Chicago, Kent State, and of course from local municipalities. The proposed ban on Semi Auto firearms by Mayor Bill Peduto is not only unlawful, but would have massive repercussions nationally if he were to be able to circumvent PA and Federal law. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED
Video Courtesy WTAE-TV and TRIBLive.

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NY_Outcast 4 years ago

Thanks for getting in the fight. I also made the trip from NY state, 12 hr round trip. It was worth it for the rights of the people. I don't want to see anyone end up with anything like the Safe Act that we have. Maybe next time we hold one in Albany, NY our capital you would consider attending. If we all stand together we have a better chance of making an impact.

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