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NC Gun Guy 27 Aug 2018

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Polish AK47 Waffle Magazine 500 Round Review

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Classic Firearms deal of the week AK magazines. I put 500 rounds through each of the two mags Used in the video. Ran fine, no issues at all. Cheap made, all plastic mags. Only metal in these mags is the spring. They do what they are intended to do, after you cut the spring. I would not drop them on concrete or other hard surface, they would probably be damaged.
I bought 20, 10 for a friend and I kept 10, not 8 as I said in video. I guess I forgot how to add and subtract. LOL.

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Smilemoney 6 years ago

Nice buy. Glad they work well for you

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NC Gun Guy
NC Gun Guy 6 years ago

They worked way better than I expected.

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