Rob Pincus
Rob Pincus 31 Oct 2020

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Polymer 80 Builds: Rob Pincus and Don Edwards

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Don Edwards, of Greenline Tactical, and I put together a couple of Polymer 80 Pistols this week.

Polymer 80 makes it very easy to build your own Glock style handgun frame which accepts factory or aftermarket Glock parts and pairs with any slide designed for Glock frames to make a complete semi-automatic handgun.

Legal issues surrounding the building of these guns, traveling with them and restrictions on transferring them are the responsibility of the customer, as the kit itself is not a regulated item as it is shipped.

Personally, I wanted to build this gun for the experience and to add to my firearms collection. I have only fired about 100 rounds though it at this point, but I have no reason to think it won't continue to be reliable and fun to shoot. For the money and effort, I'd be unlikely to choose this option over a factory pistol for any defensive staging, but as a recreational pistol or collectible, it's a nice value with a unique story.

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