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Gear Report 13 May 2022

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Portable pop-up garage for your Jeep, Car, or HMMWV

In General

Need emergency or survival gear?
Are you stocked up on emergency food?
Medical supplies

Need a pop-up or portable garage to work on jeep, HMMWV or car?
How about a place for your mother-in-law to live?
Or an easy to set up cabin for the lake, mountians or hunting camp.
Maybe one of our HDT Base-X shelters will work for you.

To buy these military shelters send a note to [email protected]
More info and prices for these tents can be found at

More info on the Humvee can be found here:

Gear review inquiries - [email protected]
Sponsorship inquiries - [email protected]
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Guns - Via our official FFL

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