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DEZ Arms (AR15 Barrels)

I have been testing this scope for a few years now. Here is a post from December 2013 showing a picture of the steel target I show in the beginning of the video:

It was over three years ago when I was first contacted by Dimitri at Primary Arms. He had a new reticle and was wanting some feedback on it. I was told this reticle was mainly designed for combat situations and being a civilian in the competition arena, I was a bit unsure if it would fit my needs.

I must have gotten one of the 1st production runs since it had to be sent back due to a loose eyebell. The second one took many months to receive and was clearly a different production since there was obvious cosmetic changes from the first. This second scope would not hold zero for me so I sent it back too. The third scope is the one seen in this video and so far has worked well. However, from my testing it appears that over 400 yards the ranging reticle does not seem to be calibrated for my 16 inch carbine. From 100 to 400 yards the reticle is dead on. After that, you need some Kentucky windage.

The wrench in the machinery comes with using the scope on a 20 inch rifle where the reticle appears to be dead on for 100 through 600 yards. Note that the reticle goes up to 800 yards but I did not have an opportunity to shoot beyond 600 yards. So is the reticle only good for rifles with a 20 inch barrel?

Coming from a non combat point of view but rather a 3-gun competition angle... I'd like to the range finding tools to be redesigned or standard IPSC targets or something of the like. The current range finding tools found etched in the scope is for a man sized target.

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Flyinhuck 4 years ago

Try the Burris 1x6 x 24R has Ill horse shoe ret. ar drop comp You will Love it. about $ 350.00

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