Armed_Republic 24 Oct 2019

Proof that a M240 Machine Gun used in Las Vegas Shooting @ Mandalay Bay

In General

The rate of fire and waveforms match almost exactly. If you have ever used a bump fire you know they are finnicky at best and certainly not capable of firing a perfect 74 round burst as shown in this video.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but wanted to share this video and get everyone’s opinion. Who knows if he used a bump stock, but I believe there was one in his hotel room.
Video shared by The Armed Republic

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mysteriousSparky 25 days ago

I was there. The m240 was shot out of a helicopter. There was also another 2 shooters. 1 in the concert and the 2and was around Tropicana. LV metro pd is located down the street. 2 blocks to be exact. I could see Mandalay bay from where I was and there was no broken windows. Every time the helicopter went towards the side or back of Mandalay, the shooting stopped. But as soon as it got in front again shots rang out. Steven paddock didn't do it. He was the patsy

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Squib 3 months ago

I am not a conspiracy theorist either, but I am not buying this. The bump stock and machine gun and second shooter and ATF theories have too many holes in them, like most conspiracy theories.

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