Sootch00 24 Mar 2019

PSA Freedom AR-15 Best Budget Option

In General

Palmetto State Armory Classic Freedom PA-15 is a basic entry level AR but the quality of the parts is surprising for the price of $350. The Complete Upper and Lower are sold separately.

PSA Freedom Compete Upper:
PSA Freedom Complete Lower :

We appreciate PSA for their help!
Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for their Sponsorship!
Primary Arms ACSS 1X Cyclops Optic.
Foam Rest

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Richard Maunder
Richard Maunder 9 months ago

Looks like a great rifle for the price thank you for the video. :)

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the_AR15_Junkie 11 months ago

I wondered how long it was going to take before you showed up over here, now I know.

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Sootch00 11 months ago

Hickok45 told me about it and I'm really loving the platform. These guys are top notch! Thanks Brother

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dkasheimer 11 months ago

Got one and I love it.

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Sootch00 11 months ago

It still amazes me every time I take it to the range. It's just solid. Thanks

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jrusmc0311 11 months ago

Great review as always Don. Welcome to gunstreamer. S/F.

   3    0
Sootch00 11 months ago

Thanks Jr! I'm glad to be here!

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