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Raiseek .223 cleaning kit review

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Raiseek .223 Caliber Rifle Gun Cleaning Kit
Raiseek .223 / 5.56 Caliber Rifle Cleaning Kit Review

This video outlines the Raiseek .223 Rem , 5.56mm , .22 caliber compact cleaning kit. For $16.99 its a good cleaning kit. Many double attachments so really getting double kit for $8.50 or double the life of this kit. Raiseek sent this to me to do a full review on and this video is the results. I am impressed with the company so far with quality at an affordable pric along with not trying to bend me at all to give anything but honest reviews. I respect a company like that. Willing to let people speak freely because they believe in a product but willing to hear constructive criticism and improvements to make a better product.
*some reviews have stated breaking of rods and that attachment points are too thin. They're no thinner than our military issue kits though. I used this kit for a month with no issues. I have no idea how they were using the kit and if taught correctly so I'm going by my time with it. That's why I like testing things myself, used correctly. I read these reviews after the video or I would've stated their issues. Although Raiseek seems to move towards improving their items constantly. I just want to put this out there what other peoples issues were.

**Description given on Amazon by Raiseek.

Features & details

-.223 5.56 Gun cleaning kit, including all variances in barrel weight, length, and caliber, as well as gas or piston operating systems

-Zippered Compact Padded Case: Keeps everything neatly organized; Holds all the necessary cleaning tools; Case sized: 7.9" x 5.1" x 2.2"; 19 Pieces rifle maintenance system in a high performance zippered organized pouch bag

-Kit Includes: .223 cal Brass Brush, .223 cal Chamber Brush, .223 cal Nylon Brush, .223 cal Cotton Mop, Double End Mini Nylon Brush, .223 cal Patch Holder and Brass Jag, Rifle Rods,Clean Patches, Metal Gun Cleaning Picks, 31.5 Inch Nylon Coated Cleaning Cable

-QUALITY BUILT: The cleaning rod and gleaning pick are made of metal; The brush has a threaded end that screws into the rod to secure it; The nylon coated flex cable makes feeding the brushes into a barrel very easy

-BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Life time & money back guarantee. Good value durable high quality

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