LibertyDoll 10 Mar 2019

Raising the Minimum Wage Doesn't Work

In General

Raising the minimum wage is supposed to help low-wage workers - but studies show that it does the opposite.

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Squib 4 months ago

If you want to limit yourself to a minimum wage job for your main source of income, then it is by choice. There are opportunities for all to advance themselves in life. It is all about making the right choices, being responsible, working hard, putting up with a lot of crap, and not giving up on yourself because of a setback at your career. For some that is too much to ask.

Minimum wage jobs are for those new to the work force, who are trying to gain experience. Minimum wage jobs are for those who do not want to work full time (this may be for reasons from they have a child at home to care for, to they are attending school, which both require a job with a flex schedule, which may only be available in that area as minimum wage jobs, but could also be due to a lack of ambition) . Minimum wage jobs are for those who do not meet requirements for better paying jobs, such as prior experience, a college degree/ trade school, no criminal record, can pass a drug test, etc. Minimum wage jobs are also for those who wish to supplement their income, such as a retired person or someone with a full time job who works a second job.

Also, $15 an hour is not what it is cracked up to be. I live a middle class life in a decent neighborhood. It takes the income of my wife and myself to provide for our family. If we were both making as little as $15 an hour where we live, we could not pay pay these bills and provide a safe, decent life for our children. In other parts of the country $15 an hour seems like a fortune. Also, if you are used to making minimum wage and suddenly you were making $15 an hour or more, you'd be shocked when you looked at your first pay stub and saw how much your taxes withheld jumped up.

The bottom line is if you want more for yourself or better for your family, do not depend on the government to legislate it for you. Do it it yourself.

As usual, good video Liberty Doll.

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