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Busta Cap 12 Jan 2019

Recent Purchase - Used XD45 Mod 2 Subcompact

In General

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share the fact that I've purchased a handgun that looks to be pristine (low round count) that cost me $320 before the added fees (those extra fees added $100 to the cost - taxes, shipping, transfer fees, and credit card fee).

I LOVE this particular handgun. I'm accurate enough with it and since it has the same manual of arms as my XD9, I'm already familiar with it. The trigger is the same as the XD9. The only difference is the barrel length - it is 3.3" vs the XD9's 3"...that, and it shoots .45ACP.

There don't seem to be many videos regarding this particular firearm -- most of them are "just bought this...here's what comes in the box". I've a blog post sharing some insight as well as some range footage.

This is now my carry gun and I plan to give it at least a year's worth of carrying. I'll be purchasing several more 9-round mags and maybe a N82 Tactical holster for it. The plan is to put as many rounds as I can through it (that's the best way to become familiar with the gun/caliber combination).

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