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Regarding the George Floyd Tragedy

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Regarding the George Floyd Tragedy

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WftRight 2 years ago

Thanks for the video!

I noticed that they've published the preliminary coroner's report saying that there's no physical evidence of asphyxiation or strangulation. That finding seems odd considering that the video seemed to show Chauvin putting his knee on the neck in a way that would restrict blood flow. From your experience, is it likely that the full autopsy will reverse that finding? Is it likely that some evidence other than the physical evidence will show restriction of the blood flow?

I've also been very concerned about the things that we don't see on video.

One of those is that two police cars seemed to respond quickly to a guy passing (or trying to pass) a fake $20 bill. Does that seem like an unusually fast and possibly large response to that crime? Do you think there's any possibility that Floyd threatened the clerk in some way?

The arrest report on Chauvin suggests that the body cameras showed Floyd simply falling to the ground to avoid being put in the police car. As you said, we haven't seen what happened between the time that Floyd was walking towards the back of the police car and the time that he was on the ground. Does that sequence make sense as they've suggested?

I keep thinking that Chauvin owes everyone, particularly Floyd's family and friends, an answer to the question, "What were you thinking?" Is that a reasonable question?

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RichardHicks 2 years ago

Spot on

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Doublefeed 2 years ago


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