RobertM 12 Jul 2018

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Rimfire Rifle Shooting with Winchester 190 and Henry AR7 Survival Rifle

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Rimfire rifle shooting. The Winchester Model 190 was my first rifle at nine years old and it still shoots like a dream. I do not know the cost of the rifle as it was given to me as a gift. It eats almost any ammo without problem. This rifle has taken mostly squirrels and has disposed of more armadillos than I can count.

The Henry AR7 US Survival Rifle is handy to have as a backpack rifle with it broken down and stored in the sixteen inch butt stock. There are plenty of videos on the web and the Henry Repeating Arms web-site for more information including the assembly and disassembly into the butt stock. Easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It does not seem to be particular about ammo either. Its cost was $216. The butt cap does tend to come off by itself with use so I put a strip of black duct tape along the butt slot to tighten it up and keep it on. It does float fully loaded with three mags but not indefinitely. It is a survival rifle though and not an everyday shooting rifle like the 190. Both are accurate and effective for small game and varmint control. The bolts do not lock open but because of the nature of these rifles they do dry fire naturally when run empty. I have dry fired the 190 many times over the years with no adverse affects and the same with the Henry. I would not intentionally repeatedly dry fire them for practice though unless using snap caps or plastic screw anchors or empty cases. Thanks for watching and please shoot safely.

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