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Charlie Cook 14 Sep 2021

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RSWC #122 Jon Anderson

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Riding Shotgun With Charlie
Jon Anderson
Get Off My Lawn Podcast
Nebraska Firearm Owners Association

Jon Anderson reached out to me a while ago to be a guest on his show. The panel that night included a number of other folks in the 2A community that I knew so I was really looking forward to it. Then he had me on a few more times. He did express an interest in Riding Shotgun should I ever get out to Nebraska. I was finally able to make it out that way and had to have Jon on the show.

Being from Nebraska, Jon has been around firearms all his life. Firearms are just tools that everyone in that section of America has and owns. It’s how they live. But he didn’t get more involved in the activist side of the gun community until he purchased his first handgun.

While attending the Tulsa Arms Show, Jon met some folks from Nebraska Firearm Owners Association (NFOA) and several YouTubers and podcasters. He knew many of them from being an avid listener and watcher. He made several new friends, including TravisP11, CloverTac, and Gun Websites, and started connecting with them. Jon eventually started a 2A Tuesday show, but when the show wasn’t always firearm related, he decided to rebrand as Sandhills Media and the Get Off My Lawn! Podcast. Some of his highly viewed videos on his YouTube channel are his unboxings.

Recently Jon ran for and was elected to the NFOA Board. The president of NFOA congratulated him for being the only person to run a campaign to get elected. Being on the board has really opened Jon’s eyes to how many things in government are done. We all want to think that politicians have their constituents in mind, but he said it is often a lot of quid pro quo that happens. Much like the making of sausage, you don’t want to see how the government works.

Jon takes some time to tell us about some things that have been going on in Nebraska. There are several counties that have adopted the 2A Sanctuary County status. And in Lincoln, there have been several bills chipping away to make Nebraska a permitless carry state. Even though they’re surrounded by 5 of permitless carry states and much of the state is a 2A Sanctuary, Nebraska is still fighting to get permitless carry status. We also get into depth about some of the transportation laws they have. For example, bringing home a long gun in a box from the store could be a violation if you’re in a van or SUV, but in a truck or the trunk of a car, it would not be an issue. So there are more states with confusing laws than we realize.

The Get Off My Lawn! Podcast is currently on Thursdays at 8 pm central on YouTube. You should tune in and check it out. They have a number of folks on the panel and sometimes I have been on, too. Jon is a great guy, working hard to get folks educated, and he’s a stand up husband who keeps his wife in mind when he gets involved in new projects.

Favorite quotes:

“We’re voters. We’re citizens. We want this done. You need to listen to us.”
“Guns are a way of life here. In Nebraska to say, I have a nose, two eyes, and two ears. Doesn’t everybody?”
“If they were confiscated, its not just personal defense that gets affected.”
“Whatever I’m a part of, I’m a ‘we’ not a ‘me’.”
“If you understood how laws get passed, it would turn your stomach to know… some of it is compromises, some of it is literally quid pro quo.”

00:00 Intro
01:18 Where are we?
05:22 NFOA Talk
06:46 Sanctuary State Status
07:55 First 2A Sanctuary County
09:12 More Sanctuary Counties
11:33 What Grassroots Means
12:40 88 Sanctuary Counties
14:41 “Guns are standard”
15:05 “We’re in Free America”
17:14 “We had firearms’
18:33 Get Off My Lawn! Podcast
19:17 Make a short story long
20:40 “Wasn’t a gun guy until”
22:23 Yankee Marshall
24:20 NFOA 2A Rally
25:23 Wanenmacher Gun Show
27:10 “Wife was cool enough”
29:19 Rebranding to GOML
30:06 New Show Idea
31:26 Unboxing videos
34:11 Benefit of a podcast
36:27 The Great Plains
37:01 Sandhills Shooter
39:01 Sandhills Media
39:57 Running for NFOA Board
41:19 Online presence & free memberships
43:32 Not Constitutional Carry State
44:22 Legislation is like a sausage factory
46:06 Already got a patchwork
47:22 3 Bills into one
50:10 CHP is also purchase permit
51:38 Transporting in Nebraska
54:38 Buying at Cabela’s
55:45 Next session-state wide permitless carry
56:30 More NFOA work
57:48 Wrap up

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