werunguns 23 May 2018

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Ruger LCP II Cover 6 Gear Versatile Holster

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What is the best holster for the Ruger LCP2? As of now, the Cover6Gear leather holster has exceeded my expectations and is my go to. I used to pocket carry my Ruger LCP 2, but now I only appendix carry. The reason for this is that I can now holster this onto basketballl shorts when I'm feeling lazy. I used to only think pocket carry was possible with those, but this works perfectly for that and it gives me a much easier draw as opposed to drawing from the pocket. The reason is because of the leather. With a kydex holster, the retention would be too much for a holster without a belt. This works well and also keeps the gun in the same place for a consistent draw. I also like how the clip cant is adjustable and allows you to also tuck in your shirt. While I recommend always wearing a proper belt with a holster, this works just fine for those days you're feeling a bit lazier.

Find Your holster here: http://cover6gear.com/

Aker Concealed Carry Gun Belt (personal preference)
Amazon link: https://amzn.to/2s2dEqq

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