TheGunSnob 30 Nov 2018

Ruger PC Carbine Range Review

In General

The Ruger PC carbine is absolutely one my favorite guns I have ever shot. An awesome range gun and possibly a great home defense gun.

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Squib 10 months ago

I am glad you moved back to 50 yards, slowed down your rate of fire, and told us what ammunition you were using. Thank you for including the explanation of the mag feeding issue and the tabletop review. Otherwise, it would jut be like every other range video out there. Boring. Close range. Big target. Mag dump. No skill. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Also, I cannot get the autoplay disabled in my settings. I have it disabled on YouTube. I DO NOT like the feature. I e-mailed Gunstreamer about how to disable it and they never responded. I even checked my spam box, just in case. I am going to add this to all of my comments going forward until they fix this issue.

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