76HighboyReloading 02 Aug 2016

Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander, 9mm, Video 1, First Shots

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***WARNING*** Seek professional instruction before attempting to reload ammunition otherwise you may harm someone else or yourself.

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This video shows Mrs. Highboy shooting her new Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander 9MM Luger for the first time. All together she finished off about 70 rounds in this video without any malfunction. Altogether between her and I, we fired a total of 140 rounds through this fine pistol and it fed and fired every round successfully.

This is the first video in this reload series. This will be a complete series starting with shooting this pistol for the first portion of this series and then we will cover field stripping, cleaning and reassembly. Then we will be reloading for this pistol. As this series progresses along we will shoot what we load and I hope to see you following along and matching what I load.

God bless and thanks for watching.

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